Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'Jigs and Reels' a quilt in progress

It always amazes me how secondary patterns start to form when patchwork blocks are put together edge-to-edge.
Sometimes it is difficult to visualise in advance how a quilt will look . The pattern for this quilt came from the book "Clever Quarters Too" but the quilt photographed in the book is totally different in dark red, green and cream.
As with every project I learn a lot as I work my way through it.
For example, I hadn't really paid attention to the fact that each block is made up of 21 pieces within a 9in square! With 30 blocks required for the quilt that's a lot of small pieces to sew together (630 to be exact!). With a pieced border as well, it brings the total number of pieces in the quilt to 806!! This seems a little daunting!
The challenge would have been obvious had I read the pattern through before I started (lesson no. 1!). However, in a way I'm glad I just jumped right in, as it meant I just got on with it. By approaching it like a production line, it came together fairly quickly! And it wasn't as complicated as it looks! Honest!

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