Wednesday, July 21, 2010

'Jigs and Reels' A quilt finished!

The photo shows the finished quilt top before layering, quilting, binding and washing.

The quilt was finished in time for a fabulous 21st party in July.
I brought the quilt to Frances Conroy in Maam to have it quilted with an all-over swirly love-heart pattern in pink. Frances did a fantastic job and had the quilt ready in time for me to complete it by adding a candy-stripe binding.
As with most of my quilts, I machine-washed it and cool tumble-dried it. As I use cotton wadding I like the slight crinkly shrinking that happens when a quilt is washed. I think it helps to give it a warm, soft, cosy look. Also it comforts me to know that the quilt can now stand up to normal everyday usage and be thrown in a washing machine (at a 30 degree wash) as often as necessary.
I hope to take a good photo of the finished quilt soon and show it here. So watch this space.

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