Thursday, July 22, 2010

Changing Art & Minds: Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

'Changing Art & Minds' is an exhibition at the Golden Thread Gallery which runs from 22nd to 31st July 2010. It is an exploration of the creative journey of the Supports for Women project. Supports for Women is a creative learning experiment for women living in Leitrim and the project was set up to encourage women to share their personal stories by using the arts, crafts, creative journaling and conflict resolution tools.
By using a multi-disciplinary approach, the project took the participants on a year long journey of self-discovery and personal growth while also challenging the old negative beliefs that have been inherited in the border county as a result of the conflict. 'Changing Art & Minds' showcases the work created during the year and hopefully changes minds through the arts in the process.
The exhibition includes work in textiles, glass, painting and drawing and mixed media made by the women during workshops with Jewellery designer Erika Marks, visual artists Laura Gallagher and Mari Aymone d'Jeribi, glass artist Louise Rice and textile artist Brigitta Varadi.
I was delighted to be involved in this project at the Leitrim Design House helping participants rediscover their creativity through visual journalling along with Therese Hackett who provided support to the group with conflict resolution.
If you are in Belfast in July be sure to check out the Golden Thread Gallery for this exhibition which also connects with August Craft Month with workshops and other activities.

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