Thursday, October 15, 2009

Womens Support Project, Leitrim: Day 5

Today was my final class of creative journalling with the Women's Support Project at the Leitrim Design House in Carrick-on-Shannon. We talked about how a journal can help:
  • identify themes that are important to you.
  • work out the design elements before you start to make something.
  • record your journey through the process of making something.
  • 'park' other ideas that come into your head which might distract you. You then have another source of inspiration in the notebook to explore at a later time.

These photos are from my journal which started with a photograph of 'Chinese Lanterns' from 'Country Living' magazine. Using drawings, notes, photographs, stitched samples, the journal records my steps through the process of designing wall-hangings, bowls, and silk evening shawls from this one source of inspiration. I still dip into this journal for design ideas and it has also proved useful as a teaching aid at classes in creative textiles or journalling!

From the ideas I have seen the Leitrim women express in their journals I know they will have plenty to explore in the next phase of the course making 'identity boxes' with Erika Marks and then drawing and painting with Laura Gallagher. I hope the journals provide a gentle introduction to creative expression and take away some of the fear of trying something new. Good luck ladies! I look forward to seeing you all in February when we will explore ideas in textiles!

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