Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wallhanging in progress

A friend's mother asked if I would make a wall-hanging using the only ties she kept after her husband died some years ago. Having seen a quilt I made to save the memories associated with my son's baby shirts she thought using her husband's favourite ties to make a wall-hanging would be nicer than keeping those ties in a drawer somewhere. She looked through some quilting books and found a wall-hanging she liked and I used that as inspiration to create a wall-hanging 20 x 30 inches to fit the space she has on her wall for the finished piece. Full credit for the idea and original design goes to UK quilter Mary Mayne. My interpretation is now finished. There are 5 flowers in the piece to represent the 5 children in this family. And the main flower has 11 petals to represent the grandchildren. But there are lots of other there's still room for this family to grow!!


  1. Wow - what an amazing keepsake. Lovely piece, and the sentiment is just wonderful.

  2. Hi Ester, I am at home nursing a cold so thought i would have a look at your blog - I love the Tie and daisy quilt and i am really impressed with all the work you are showing including the lovely still life of the tea cups etc. Well done
    Liz x