Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Crossroads" an EQA exhibition at the Festival of Quilts

I finished this in time to submit to the IPS executive for possible inclusion in the European Quilters Association exhibition at this year's Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.

The theme is 'Crossroads'.
I had just finished the CraftED project with Brackloon National School and also just completed a body of work for 'Stitching the Legend' an exhibition running until 30th June at the Flax Gallery, Mossley Mills, Newtownabbey. The International Quilt Festival of Ireland was due to start on the 8th June and I had committed to some hours of volunteering. My son will be on school hols soon and I won't want to start any big projects over the summer. So I was feeling like I was at a bit of a crossroads myself. And so this is entitled 'Where Next?'

It includes some commercial batiks, hand-painted fabrics, inkjet printed fabrics, sketchbook entries printed on fabric, foil appliqué and free-motion quilting. It measures 50cm x 20cm.

Another small deadline met....sigh! For me deadlines provide me with motivation to follow through on ideas in my head, otherwise I tend to procrastinate. Whether this piece is selected to be 1 of 10 Irish entries or not I'll still be glad I made it as it's another step along the way to trying out new ideas. Challenges like these help me to knuckle down and do some work!

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