Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Craft in the Classroom at Presentation College Galway

2nd Year Art students at Presentation College Galway accompanied their art teacher and myself to the 'Modified Expression' exhibition curated by the Crafts Council of Ireland at the Galway City Museum in April. This mixed media exhibition provided the students with lots of visual stimulation. Back in the classroom we talked about how a sketchbook becomes an important part of the process for the artist to explore ideas, pull ideas together, investigate a theme and try to create a composition for a piece of work. These students chose the theme of 'eyes' and are working to see what they can come up with to explore in fabric and stitch.

The sketchbooks are starting to fill up with images and quotations which they are using as jump-off points to develop their own ideas.
Sketching, collage, painting, embellishment and writing are all included in the sketchbooks as well as daily observations of life around them. Any or none of these ideas might make it into the final piece of work the students choose to create. But this stage of exploration is a vital part of the process to help each student find their own unique visual language.

This project continued through May....more photos to follow.

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