Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some more highlights from "Branching Out" at the Botanic Gardens

"Roses for Rosemary" by Christine McComish. I really liked the mixture of pieced patchwork and applique on this quilt. And the flowers seemed to have a 3d quality to them.

"Family Album" by Mary Ann Fitzpatrick-Browne. This traditional woollen quilt had lovely bainin wools, tweeds, felted sweaters and the backing was a recycled family blanket. I took photos of the details: cats, dogs, sewing machine, thread & scissors and this quirky chicken.

"Poppy Love" by Lynn Naughton. Although I had seen Lynn's quilt at our own exhibition I somehow missed the details! Lynn painted the poppies using a technique learned from the Kemshall's 'Design Matters TV'. But I enjoyed looking at all the little details I missed the first time: little stamped flowers on the trellis design and all the feathered quilting stitches.

"Birchfield" by Elaine Doyle. This subltle quilt was really beautiful. Neutral coloured silks with machine and hand embroidery and lovely machine quilting.

"Parachutes" by Ann Fleeton. I've been a fan of Ann's work since I first met her at an Eastern Branch IPS meeting and I've been lucky enough to participate in a number of her classes. Here she has pieced together cotton organdie, silk organza and silk paper. I love the delicacy of her hand-painted fabrics and machine-stitched drawing.

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