Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Branching Out: National IPS exhibition at the Botanic Gardens

The National Exhibition of the Irish Patchwork Society is currently running in the Botanic Gardens, Dublin until 2nd August, 2011. Together with other members of the Western Branch I made a trip by bus to see it at the weekend. The exhibition is well worth a visit if you get the chance, the Botanic Gardens are beautiful and the restaurant has lovely teatime treats or lunch.

The following photos are just some of the highlights that particularly caught my eye (I will credit each artist name below soon but I just don't have the details to hand as I upload these photos). Trust me there's loads more to see, with a huge variety of skill levels, techniques, colours and fabric choices in traditional and contemporary styles....so there's something to appeal to everyone's taste. The IPS members at the information desk are helpful, there's a catalog on sale for 5 Euro and there's a sticky felt design-board for children to play at designing their own patchwork patterns.

"Breathe In, Breathe Out, Interior, Exterior Spaces"by Meg Kenny. I liked the mix of techniques in this piece (Photo printing and applique).

"Growth Patterns" by Ailbhe O'Callaghan I loved the colour choices in this quilt and also the precision of the composition.

"Branching Out/New Beginnings" by Brenda Hogan. I almost missed seeing this piece as it was hung on the side of a pillar. My photo doesn't really do justice to the autumn colours of the batik fabrics used.

"Poppies and Daisies" by Moira Byrne. I loved the colour-wash pieced background and the applique on top in this quilt.

"The Chameleon" by Joke Bursma. The colours and the detailed stitching were worthy of close inspection. But stand back and the piece has immediate visual impact also. This piece was chosen for the cover of the catalogue.

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  1. Saw the exhibition last week, very well presented too. Loved your tree.