Thursday, March 11, 2010

Patchwork Classes with Abbeyknockmoy ICA

2010 sees the ICA celebrating its centenary. To mark the occasion, the Abbeyknockmoy ICA group decided to make a patchwork wall-hanging. I met with the group to discuss what kind of work they wanted to do and they decided to make a wall-hanging where each of the 8 members of the group would choose their own colours to make an 'Ohio Star' block. A central block will be made with the ICA logo and ICA colours will also be incorporated in the hanging. On 11th March the group began their first class. They learned how to measure and cut the pieces required to make each block. For most of them this was their first time using rotary cutters, rulers and self-healing mats. With a bit of practice they all grew in confidence and were looking forward to the next stage....learning to piece the blocks in class 2 on 18th March.

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