Monday, February 1, 2010

Vintage sewing notions

Although I've lots of projects on the go I've nothing ready to photograph yet, so this is just a photo of some vintage sewing notions arranged on a shelf in my work-space. Some are flea-market and charity-shop finds, some were given to me by friends and family but I love them all. I don't know what it is about old sewing needles and cards of buttons that I find so inspirational!


  1. that is a great photo ester ! I love the set of drawers ....wonderful to have beloved objects so close to inspire us x

  2. The little floral box at the back is beautiful.
    Infact the whole photo would make a good textile picture.
    Thanks for your invaluable input on the sofa posts.


  3. Love the picture Ester, I like to collect old bits and pieces too.The market in Galway looks good maybe I will take a trip there later in the year.