Friday, February 5, 2010

Drawing and painting

My final run of 5 classes with artist, Jim Kavanagh finished in January. We worked on a technique to capture the qualities of cloth as it drapes. It was an interesting project to work on and probably appealed to me so much because it was fabric-related! We were asked to position a 'precious object' in front of a draped cloth. So I chose a glass bowl of threads in front of a red shot-velvet. With more practice, I'm sure I could improve on this, but here are the photos of my charcoal drawing and my oil painting of this subject. I learned a lot from Jim and hope to go back for more lessons at a future date.


  1. Hi Ester I am trying to find out more about charcoal drawings and artists in Ireland and I just came across your blog! I really like the outline of the bowl and the spools of thread in the picture.. wonderful. Is it all done in just charcoal?