Saturday, December 26, 2009

Custom-made cushions

Here's a cushion I made for my computer programming niece for Christmas. One side has a keyboard with the phrase 'No place like -> home' added to the keypads. The other side says 'Jess chillin' with a little picture of her favourite 'Mario' character added below. Pinks and purples are her favourite colours so I used these and added some girly ribbons to tie it.


  1. Your cushions are superb, I have no idea how you get those patterns on the material, some sort of transfer system I suppose.

  2. For these cushions I printed from my pc onto cheap and cheerful Tesco Light T-shirt transfer paper, which cost less than €5 for 7 sheets which you iron on. They are a bit shiny but they work! I prefer to use a different type of sheet which is more fabric-like but it's costly at 90c each.I'm out of those at the moment. Must look for a good cheap source!