Thursday, April 28, 2011

Workshop for children: I'm an artist and this is my ideas book!

Every one of us is creative. We each have a unique view of the world around us. Our memories, thoughts, feelings and reactions provide us with lots of inspiration for making artwork.

An artist is always looking, observing and keeping notes. This information allows the artist to create a personal response to the world around them.

In this workshop each participant will start with a blank notebook.

With a few simple techniques the notebook will be personalised with colour, mark-making, collage and embellishments.

With a few simple tricks we will learn how to deal with questions like…
 Where/how will I start?
 What if I make a mistake?
 What if I don’t like what I do on my page?
 What if I don’t think it is good?

In the class the focus is on ‘kick-starting’ creativity, having fun and taking away the fear of having to produce something perfect. The journal is a place to play and explore, make mistakes and just enjoy the process. The outcome expected is not a finished, perfect journal, but an experience of what it is like to follow your own creative process with the freedom to express yourself, without explanation or justification.

Workshop Duration
2.5hr ‘taster’ workshop

Max 12 per class.

Materials Provided

 Blank Notebook (to keep)
 Zip-lock bag (to keep little scraps of collage material gathered in the class to take home and continue working with)
 Other materials will be provided for use at the workshop (paint, glue, pencils, scissors, papers, collage material, memorabilia, stamping equipment, common household materials that can be repurposed, etc). Materials used are deliberately ‘cheap and cheerful’ and easily obtainable from ‘2Euro Shops’, Tescos and other value stores.
 Participants are also welcome to bring along any art supplies or collage materials they would like to use themselves.

Cost per child 15Euro

Location: Groundworks Studios, Mervue Business Park, Galway on Friday 29th April, 2011.

Email: for information about future workshops.

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