Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Journals in jewel-colours!

A new batch of A6 Journals are off to Kaleidoscope, the new craft gallery in Westport, These have been made in a variety of jewel colours, with mixed textures of chenille, wool, silk and cotton, vintage buttons and beads, variegated threads and some words printed on fabrics and 'salvaged' from a beautiful old book of sheet music from around 1890-1920.
I hope to make some more journals soon in anticipation of the opening of my new on-line shop (watch this space!). A big thank you to Aga, creator of beautiful yarns and knitted shawls (see who took the time recently to walk me through the experience of setting up shop on


  1. vibrant and hopeful colours ester
    I think you would enjoy the work of cathy cullis if you havent already come across her .
    I am thinking of her lovely embroidery drawing images .

  2. Thanks Jane. I hadn't come across Cathy's work but am enjoying the link to her blog now!