Monday, May 31, 2010

London calling!

Travelling always provides me with lots of inspiration. I love to be on the way to somewhere....anywhere! I love packing, people-watching at airports, arriving at my new 'home' for a few days and the 'foreigness' of every little thing in a different country.
Here are just a few photos of things that caught my eye on a recent trip to London.

A fabric shop on Berwick St. used old dress-making patterns to decorate one of it's interior walls.

A photo from the Ryanair in-flight mag seemed ripe for reinterpreting in fabric and stitch.

A criminal offence! All these lovely old sewing machines had been used as a window display on Regent St. and were being thrown onto the pavement outside as part of a shop-renovation. How I longed to rescue them....but Ryanair baggage allowance does not allow for such sentimentality!

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