Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Abbeyknockmoy ICA group completes quilt!

The enthusiastic ICA women in Abbeyknockmoy have made a fantastic job of their centenary quilt! Tonight was their final class where they learned how to attach the binding and the hanging sleeve to their completed quilt. They will add the final hand-stitches to the binding and the sleeve on the back of the quilt on their own and then they will have completed their project.
So my work with this group comes to a close. I enjoyed the classes hugely and was extremely impressed with this dedicated group of new patchworkers. They rose to all the challenges of getting to know unfamiliar sewing machines, making quarter-inch seams, accurate piecing, machine-quilting and lots more.
This was a wonderful group to work with....not just because they came to every class equiped with wonderful home-baking to tempt me!! I was very warmly welcomed into the community hall in Abbeyknockmoy every week and loved every minute of the 10 classes we had together. I hope our paths will cross often in the future around the local area and at future patchworking events in Galway and beyond!

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