Thursday, April 29, 2010

Classes 4 & 5 with Abbeyknockmoy ICA group

The Abbeyknockmoy ICA group have settled into some serious sewing now. They've learned how to measure up the strips of sashing require to go between each block. The green fabric they've chosen is based on the colours of the ICA logo.

Annette and Phil learn how to adjust the zig-zag stitch to create a satin stitch which can be used to create a decorative finish around an applique shape. In this case they are creating the green, white and blue circles of the ICA logo for the centre block.

Theresa works on joining the blocks together with the green sashing strips in between.

Phil's previous experience making Irish-dancing costumes helps her pick up this new technique quickly!

Breege is very comfortable sewing the sashing strips in place.

Patti quickly accomplishes the skills required to use satin-stitch to applique shapes in place on a small sample piece.

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