A special quilt

A special birthday requires a special quilt.

The starting point for this quilt was the layout plan. I wanted something a little different to an arrangement of blocks that are all the same size.

Putting pen to paper I scribbled some notes. They didn't make a lot of sense yet. But it was a start.

I felt by making each block a multiple of 3 inches, I could play with varying sizes 3 x 3, 3 x 6, 6 x 9, etc. and all of them could be arranged to fit into a quilt roughly 54 x 72inches.

Next up was to think of colours and themes. Red and white are his home county colours and maroon and white are his Mam's home colours. Add in black/grey and we have a striking combination. The fabrics were bought where his Mam was born, a nice connection back in time.

The theme....some of his favourite things, creating a series of images that would mean a lot to him....but which ones?

This young man has such a strong connection to family, it was an obvious place to start. I found some traditional blocks that I could connect to each of the grandparents. 

Margaret's Choice

Johnny Around the Corner

Beautiful Betty

This traditional block was un-named, so I've dedicated it to Ballinora Brían

Then I created a block that would represent himself, his sister, his Mam and Dad. 

I knew that there was only one symbol could represent each of them. 
Grá = Love = 💓

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