Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Stitching the Legend" an exhibition by the Textile Art Forum

 "Branches in the Setting Sun" (detail)
 "Branches in the Moonlight" (detail)
 "Salt fell like Snow" ( progress)
 "Framed Sketchbook" (detail)
"Stitching the Legend Sketchbooks"

Photos of some of the work making it's way northwards for "Stitching the Legend" an exhibition by the Textile Art Forum at the Flax Gallery, Mossley Mill, Newtownabbey from 8th to 30th June.

The Textile Art Forum is a group of textile artists including Jan Blair (Co. Meath), Amanda Northey (Co. Antrim), Frances Sawaya (Co. Cavan) and myself.

My work for this exhibition is based on local legends of Knockma (Cnoc Maigh) near my home in Co. Galway. This hill is said to have been the residence of Finnbharra, king of the Connacht fairies. One story tells of how Eithne, a local chieftain’s wife was spirited away by Finnbharra, forcing her husband to search for her and combat fairy magic.

All this mystery and romance led me through a process of sketching, collaging, printing, fabric-painting, inkjet printing on fabric, free-machine embroidery and quilting. My own sketchbook led me to create another sketchbook, which I sent to the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project and this one can now be viewed online at


1. Panel Signature Piece: She Looked up through the trees 50x50cms £50
2. Wall Hanging: Branches in the Moonlight 92 x 51cm £140
3. Wall Hanging: Salt fell like Snow 102 x 71cm not for sale
4. Wall Hanging: Branches in the Setting Sun 92 x 51cm £140

5. Panel: Fairy Tree at Knockma I (8x8in) £55

6. Panel: Fairy Tree at Knockma II (8x8in) £55
7. Panel: Fairy Tree at Knockma III (8x8in) £55

8. 5 x A6 Covered Sketchbooks £20ea
9. Framed Sketchbook not for sale

Le Grá Craft Studio and Gallery closes

It's been blooming marvelous!

Le Grá Craft Studio and Gallery popped up in October 2011 for Galway Craft Month and carried on for seven months! But all good things must come to an end and unfortunately this project must also.

Thank you to all of you lovely customers, weekly 'drop-in' crafters and workshop participants who made the seven months such a pleasure.

We won't say goodbye....we'll surely be bumping into eachother as our paths cross at supermarket, the school, the community centre, the International Quilt Festival, the Irish Patchwork Society, the Arts Festival, the Made in Galway networking events or any of the other reasons to celebrate craft, creativity and community in Galway.